We price our credits on a pay as you use system, just like stamps you buy email credits as you need them. You may choose to stock up on credits though as we offer some fantastic discounts if you buy in bulk making your campaigns even better value.

You can use your credits as one mass campaign, or for a series of smaller campaigns to smaller groups. For example if you purchase 2000 credits, you could send a single mail shot to 2000 email addresses or you could send 250 emails a month for 8 months it up to you how you use them. All credit options come with a 12month 'lifespan' so as long as you use them you won't lose them!

Credits Cost Buy Now
1,000 £85 Buy 1,000 Credits
2,000 £150 Buy 2,000 Credits
5,000 £275 Buy 5,000 Credits
10,000 £375 Buy 10,000 Credits
25,000 £750 Buy 25,000 Credits
50,000 £1,000 Buy 50,000 Credits
100,000 £1,500 Buy 100,000 Credits
200,000 £2,000 Buy 200,000 Credits
500,000 £2,500 Buy 500,000 Credits
1,000,000 £4,500 Buy 1,000,000 Credits

If you are still unsure how many credits you will need or which option for you? Call one of our email marketing advisors on 0845 1770 508 today. They will be able to guide you in the right direction based on your sending volumes and feature requirements.