How to grow your database

By featuring a newsletter ‘sign up’ on your website homepage you can effectively grow your database by transferring anonymous website guests in to ‘opt-in’ contacts.

However, convincing a website visitor to sign up to a newsletter involves more than just a blank form.

In order to increase the volumes of newsletter sign up, a marketer will need to tell them the advantages of divulging their details and subscribing, making this call the action an absolute must.

A web ‘sign up’ option needs to be easily visible, quick and simple to complete, convey the benefits of registrations as well as collecting all the relevant details to allow some primary targeting, but does not result in the visitor abandoning the form.

By getting the correct balance of all these elements, a marketer is able to see their website homepage become the main hub for increasing their email marketing database.

Top tips

Your signup links needs to be located in an easily visible position on the homepage. It should be above the fold and very simple to find.
Make it clear how this personal information is used and highlight the ability to opt-out at any time to reduce their fear of signing up.
Listing all the benefits of signing up, detailing the added value of content they will receive, special offers and treatment, is a must.
Offer a variety of different newsletters for your audience if this is possible.

Display sample of previous newsletters to demonstrate exactly what they will be receiving.

Detail how often they can expect to receive emails from you.

Aim to capture details such as their gender, age group and hobbies, as this will help you to organize your database and target your primary messages.

Think about employing a ‘double opt-in’ tool where a contact needs to validate their email address by clicking on a confirmation email which will be sent to them once the form is submitted.

Consider sending a ‘welcome email’ as the primary contact to help build trust with your new contact.


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By Lee Callender
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 17:48
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