6 ways to win back your inactive email subscribers

Do you know exactly how many emails you sent out in your last email marketing campaign? Now, do you know how many people actually took the time to open it and read what you had to say? Many have found that sometimes there can sometimes be a significant difference.
An email reactivation campaign can be just the answer. Not only will it help you clear out all the inactive email addresses you have, but it will also enable you to re-energize your emailing list and reclaim some of the expenses you invested when acquiring the email addresses in the first place.
How reactivation works
Your ESP will be delighted when you send out millions of emails for each email marketing campaign, however it may be that you are actually damaging your sender reputation and spending money unnecessarily by sending out emails to people who do not open or act upon them.
Although they may have signed up to receive your emails at some point, they may not be using the same email address now and the mail box has been abandoned, but you have not noticed. Internet service providers will not register something like this and therefore the email will still try to be sent.
Some employ these ‘dead’ email addresses as spam traps which monitor your ‘list hygiene’ and sender reputation. The dirtier your email list is the more likely it is that you will be hunted down and your emails will be sent to junk folders or blocked.
By looking at your contact list you should be able to see which email addresses are dead, who deletes your emails without opening them and who is still interested in what you have to say but for some reason no longer feels compelled to open them.
A reactivation campaign is going to recognize which email addresses you are able to delete from your emails list without the risk of losing live ones and therefore re-establish your connections with previous consumers.
Everyone knows you get the best reactions from your newest email subscribers and so apply these tactics to re-engage and re-entice the inactive contacts on your list rather than spending more money on replacing them.
How to spot your inactive email subscribers
This requires some time being spent on your database. Look at your analytics and build a segment list for all those who have not opened an email or clicked on a message for more than six months. Then send these email addresses a message with the subject field along the lines of ‘We miss you!’ Take pleasure in groveling for them to come back, and include a special offer as extra temptation.
For all those that respond, keep these addresses on your list as active and send them another message saying something like if they do not respond within one week they will be removed from your mailing list. Be firm and if they do not get back to you, remove them. Although this might seem like the opposite of what you are trying to achieve, a smaller more vital list is going to do more good for the overall result of your campaign.
Keep your subscribers interested
Below are a few steps you can follow to re-engage your emailing list and keep them all energized:
Ask them what they want
Although you may have heaps to offer, it is no good if your recipients are not getting what they want. Ask them to questions about what they would like to receive and see how interest is renewed.
Make them an offer
Whether it is discounts, free samples or new products, any offer you can think of will work wonders for renewed interest.
Ask your recipients to update their profiles and provide an incentive for them to do so. But be careful, if your incentive is too good people will simply reengage only to hit the spam button and you will become blacklisted.
Threaten a break-up!
Tell your recipients that if they do not open your emails you are going away. It might seem extreme but it should evoke some response. Let them know that if they don’t make you aware they are there, you will drop them from the list.
See what they’re thinking
Asking your readers to fill out simple surveys or questionnaires, with a small incentive, can enable you to find out how they feel about the information you provide and how frequently you send it.
Spice up your format
Look at the format of your emails. Are they too long? Too wordy? By changing up your format you should be able to catch the eye of your recipients once again.
By investing this much effort in your database you will be able to reengage with a vast amount which will enhance your deliverability rate as well as achieving a higher return on your investment.

By Lee Callender
Tuesday, 29 October 2013 13:42
Catagory: Delivery
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