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The current UK regulations state that ‘prior consent’ is not required by B2B marketers who are sending marketing communications to contacts with which they have previously had a customer relationship.

What is prior consent?

The phrase ‘prior consent’ means that the person in which you are sending a marketing email to has formerly ‘opted-in’ to that communication channel i.e. they have at some point notified you, the sender of the email, that you have their consent to email their contact address for marketing purposes.

For a B2B marketer, this ‘prior consent’ requirement does not apply if you are sending a marketing email to contact with which you have a previous customer relationship.

What counts as a previous customer relationship?

A previous, or existing, customer relationship exists if:

  • The email address has been obtained during the course of a sale or sale negotiations of a product or service to that particular individual.
  • Direct marketing is in respect of services or products belonging to you, which are also marketed are like those which are previously provided.
  • Your identity as the sender is clear.
  • The person being targeted is provided with a clear opportunity to withdraw their consent at any given time regarding all forms of communication.

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By Lee Callender
Friday, 08 November 2013 16:50
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