Our top 3 email marketing tips

If you are looking for a new way to reach your target audience, email marketing can be an extremely effective way in which to do it. If you already have customers, email marketing can help you to reach out to them also and make them aware of new products or services.

To ensure that your email marketing campaign is working for you in the way you need it to, we have put together 3 email marketing tips that you could try:
1. Get your aims and objectives right – You need to decide what the purpose of the campaign is in order to establish this:

• Is it to find new customers?
• To target existing ones and find additional business from them?
• Who should receive the emails?
• What are their interests?
• How often you should send the emails (the rule is generally no more than once a fortnight)?
2. Give the email visual impact – By making the email easy to read and by making sure your target can find what they are looking for, they are less likely to ignore the mail. The layout of the email is essential even if you are not sending it with images in, you still need to consider how well received it will be and how long you can hold the recipients attention for. To try and build up a good rapport with your prospective customer you could include a picture of yourself.
3. Choose the right software for your requirements – By using a specialist email marketing package such as the ones at Mail Magic, you are able to reach your audience quickly and at a low cost. Mail Magic campaigns are designed to ensure that you generate revenue by having a substantial impact on those who receive the mail. By using a mail marketing company, you will receive further handy hints and tips on how to execute the perfect campaign. By using your email package you are at risk of having your email address blacklisted; not only that but your graphics in the email will be limited and you cannot get statistics that show how many people have opened the mail, clicked on the links etc.
By Lee Callender
Friday, 13 June 2014 10:17
Catagory: Delivery
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