Timing and Personalisation

Over the last couple of weeks I have been seriously impressed by a couple of emails that have hit my inbox. One from a huge FTSE company and the other a national charity both of which I have no doubt have significant resources but its the timing and segmentation that makes them impressive. 

Here is the first one… 


Like most people I knew of someone running the Virgin London Marathon and I had sponsored them online via Just Giving. When I completed the process it asked if it was ok for them to share my information with the charity, I clicked yes as I was interested to see if the charity used the information in any marketing process. 


As you can see from above they did. They figured that like many others we would be watching it on TV in hope of catching a glimpse of the person I had sponsored in the race, and like a lot of people I would be ‘double screening’ (using a tablet or phone whilst watching TV) and they were right on both counts. I was watching the race, thinking what an achievement, when the email popped in asking me to join their team for next year. 

Let me know here if you think I should do it?


The second one arrived last night from Betfair an online betting exchange. For week the news has revolved around the general election today, and they have used my personal information in the subject line to capture my attention whilst using a current event to keep it interesting. 


Due to the fact I have an account with them they know exactly where I live and that today hopefully more than 50% of us will be casting a vote, so there is a pretty good chance that if they get a great subject line thats personalised as this one is there is a good chance I will engage with the email. 

Betfair Example

How could you use these tactics with your campaigns in the future? 

I wanted to share these two bits of information on timing and personalisation as I predict they they will have had a massive impact on the success of the campaigns.


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By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 06 May 2015 19:52
Catagory: Delivery
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