The Most Powerful Two-Day Email Marketing Course In The UK


The Most Powerful Two-Day Email Marketing Course In The UK


Walk away with a fully-built and automated email marketing campaign, nurturing your prospects, making automatic sales and grow your business morning, evening and night.



I’m super excited to be sharing with you something that I have been working on - in secret - for the last 4 months.

This email marketing game changer will allow YOU the opportunity to not only learn the secrets of email marketing but actually IMPLEMENT in your business effortlessly.

You see, most businesses only ever talk to their prospect database after a sale or when they’re looking for a quick influx of cash. 


Which is fine if you want to be known as the ‘DFS’ of your industry but the big wins come from planning and adding value to your customers all year round.

Let me explain …

Get your email marketing strategy right and you won’t only increase the frequency of your sales, but you’ll also be able to attract them at a higher price.

That’s what this course is all about, building a bank of quality content combined with the offers to build a loyal following of raving fans.

During the last few months, I’ve been working hard to build a course with a difference, somewhere you can not only come and learn about email marketing and how to use it properly but actually get into the nitty gritty and actually build some campaigns.


Best of all, you’ll be building them whilst surrounded by other businesses in the same boat with an industry expert in the room guiding you through the process.

Far too often I have left a course filled with enthusiasm and belief that this is really going to work for my business only to get back to the office the next day and get bogged down in the day to day.

So this course is designed to be DIFFERENT! 


Together we will spend the majority of day one planning the campaigns, making sure they align with your business and ethics whilst concentrating on generating additional revenue.

You will have home-work for the evening, nothing to heavy but some creative thinking to do!

When we return at 9am the next day, as a group we share our plans and look for similarities in non-competing businesses that can provide that extra bit of inspiration.

Along with my team and I, we will then help you write the copy for your first email and guide you through everything you need to know. 

That’s not all though …

Over the two days we will be diving into your business and helping you achieve your marketing goals using lots of different tools and techniques including…. 


  • Looking at what ‘lead bait’ you should use - something of perceived value that will encourage your potential customers to leave their details on your website in exchange for useful information
  • How you plan and execute an automated follow up using email marketing helping leads come to you rather than you chasing them all the time.
  • We will set goals for your campaign based on your specific business. These will be done in the 30 minute getting to know you phone call where I personally gather as much information about you as a business as possible to tailor your workbook to your business needs.
  • Data is the powerhouse of all email-marketing campaigns. Get it right and your campaign will fly, mess it up and boy are you in trouble!
  • Our 8-step database management system that your campaigns will flow out of the door seamlessly and not overwhelm your customers.
  • Gaining trust from your database is without a doubt the biggest lesson I have learnt in the last 6years, and I along with my team have put together a surefire way to build credibility with your database in only 30days.
  • We will look at design, how should your email look? Should you use boxes or lines to divide your content, how long should your email be?
  • I will share with you strategies that we have used with more than 450 clients to ensure your email is just the right length.
  • Subject lines are without a doubt mission critical in your email marketing, if you don’t capture someone’s attention in the first 35 characters they are gone forever! I guarantee that when you walk out of the door after the course you will have a bank of at least 30 subject lines that have been tested and are relevant for your business. 
  • Management of the emails will be made simple, we have developed a simple but effect tool that allows you to see exactly when each email should go out of the door.
  • What happens when you have sent the email? How should you follow up the campaign? Again we will share with you our top 5 most effective follow up campaigns ever and how they generated literally thousands of pounds in sales.

So as you can see you will be walking out of the room with a full email marketing plan not only in your head but on paper and pre loaded into an email marketing account with Mail Magic, and the ability to send 25,000 emails.

Where and When

Date - 6th and 7th October 2015

The course will take place in the Midlands at a four star hotel and included in your ticket price is…. Refreshments all day including lunch, your hotel room (each delegate will have their own room) and a complimentary drink in the bar on the evening. On both days we will start at 9am and run through until 5pm.  


For the two-day course with all of the content, software, accommodation all in you would expect to pay upwards of £3,000 especially as there is more than £1,000 worth of software and support in the package to start with.

However, I am keen on growing the number of people that come through my course, and give me AWESOME testimonials for me to use moving forward.

So, here’s the deal …

Book your place today for only £1,295 inc of vat.

Come along and when you leave the course with your email marketing plan ready to send and it starts to deliver you real results you promise to send me a short video testimonial we will call it even.

You need to be quick though as I have only been able to secure 10 places at the hotel for the dates so the first 10 bookings will get priority and the price will increase to £1,995.




There are more than 300 people on the VIP list that are reading this right now, so I really would act quickly to secure yourself this saving.

What do I need to bring?
A laptop, not a tablet a proper laptop as the editors in email marketing systems don’t always allow you to edit templates on a tablet. An open mind and be ready to not only learn but do. My team and I will be on hand to ensure you get the most out of the 2days. 

Who should come of the two days of intense learning and implementation?

If you are a UK business owner or work in the marketing of a UK business looking to drive more sales through email marketing you will find this 2-day course right up your street, and leave with more knowledge and a plan of action guaranteed.

If you’ve never tried email marketing before and would like to understand how it can help your business, or you’ve tried and failed previously but keep hearing about others incredible results, then you’ll get huge value from this course.

Book your place before Friday 11th September and you will also receive…. 

  • A full copy of the presentation with presenter notes included so you can look back at any time in the future and refresh your memory.
  • Your own workbook which, through the course, you will complete and refer back to as your email marketing plan.
  • The ability to send up to 25,000 additional emails in the first year.
  • A free email marketing header and footer allowing your email to stand out in the inbox. 



Who is running the course?

Along with my crack team I will be running this course personally. I have been working within in the UK email marketing sector for 8 years and run a successful email consultancy and software house for the last 7 years. During this time I have personally built and managed campaigns for some of the biggest names in the UK, working both B2B and B2C. You'll leave with not only an understanding of how to use the system the right way, but with the tricks and shortcuts that will make your email marketing much more efficient and effective. 

What People Have Said About The Course & Instructor

''We hired Lee to help us with the marketing side of our business, particularly the email marketing. Not only is Lee very impressive as a business owner, he knows his subject inside out and more importantly knows how to relate it to your specific business and needs. He really gets the bigger picture of how the marketing fits with your target customers, your service and how you as business want to be perceived. This guy really knows his stuff and is a real pleasure to work with too. He also goes well over and above on delivery and nothing at all is too much trouble for him. 

I would recommend Lee to anyone wanting to get results from their email marketing”

Serena Humphrey - Fword 


“I've recently spent some time with Lee redesigning our electronic newsletter and producing a strategy to increase open and click through rates. Although I have known Lee for a number of years and am a long standing customer of Mail Magic, this was really the first time I had tapped into Lee's expert knowledge of email marketing. I was truly impressed by the Lee's depth of knowledge, his attention to detail and the preparation he put into this project. Time will tell how this translates into results, but I have no doubt we will hit the targets agreed between the two of us.”
Phillip Bray





We are using another email marketing package should we still attend? 

Absolutely YES. There is nothing saying you have to be a Mail Magic client to come along. The focus of the two days is to build an effective email marketing strategy for your company, you can use what ever platform you want to send it out. The only part we won’t be able to assist you with is any technical changes you want to make in a system we don’t have knowledge off. 


How much work will I be doing? 

LOTS, the aim of the course is for you to go away with a full plan of the emails you want to send fort he next 6months at least. You will be planning those emails, writing the copy and choosing the right calls to action, based on what you learn. 


We are already doing email marketing and not really seeing results, why should I invest more? 
This is one of the most common questions we get and to us the answer is simple, because we build campaigns day in, day out we know what works and what has the biggest impact. It may be that your getting 60 or even 70% of it right but if you don’t get it 100% right you are not going to get the rewards you deserve.  

Is this just another theory based course? 

No! Most courses I have been on focus on the theory which is great, but sometimes you leave with lots of ideas but no idea how to implement them. Thats why this course is different, you will learn how to structure and build an effective email marketing plan and then you will implement it before you leave!



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