What to consider when writing your email marketing content

1. Add links to hot spots

Inserting hyperlinks in the key ‘hot spots’ of your email or where your recipients will expect to be able to click, such as bold text and graphics, you can expect to increase the level of interaction with your email, the number of clicks recorded and the level of traffic to your website to boost conversions.

2. Ratio of links and content

Bear in mind that all of your email content needs to be ‘clickable’. It is important to strike the balance between an email which is too jammed packed with links and one that has no links featuring within it at all.

3. Interesting and relevant strap line

A strap line acts by re-enforcing your brand. Not only will it increase the recipients’ recognition of your company but it will also help to build the trust they have in your email and its content. Higher trust in your brand will result in a higher conversion rate and more quality interaction.

4. Content structure

The content of your email needs to be simple, clear and easy to read. Make sure your recipient knows where they need to read next and what action they should be taking.

5. Consistent offers and information

By keeping your offer consistent, your campaign will seem strong and will not be seen as confusing to your contacts. It is also important to ensure that all the information adds to the purpose of your email, ranging from the written content, subject line, images and calls to action.

6. Tone and language

Write the content of your email with your audience in mind. Consider their age and lifestyle and adjust the copy accordingly. If this is not done then there is a risk that you could turn them off or even insult then, perhaps resulting in them unsubscribing from your emails.

By Lee Callender
Thursday, 16 August 2012 07:51
Catagory: Delivery
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