Creating Actions From Clicks

If your main aim of your email marketing campaign is to increase your level of traffic to your website then the most two important words for you are ‘landing pages’.

How your landing pages look will have a significant impact on the success levels of your email marketing and to maximize your results, a key tip is not to provide links which click through to your homepage, but to have links to specified landing pages.

Where as your home page is designed to appeal to the masses, and so it will be less likely to convert your click-throughs into desired actions, a landing page is created with specific criteria in mind and therefore is more successful.

You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a recipient and focus their attention on whatever promotion you are offering or whatever information you are trying to capture with the call to action which the opening of the email initiated.

Therefore, it can be quite confusing for a recipient to be sent to a busy homepage so a simple solution is to build a specific landing page which is unique to that certain email campaign.

Your follow through is important

A recent survey was conducted which revealed that 29% of all Business-to-Customer companies posted landing pages which did not correspond to the email, compared to 41% of Business-to-Business companies – highlighting that a lot of email marketers out these are missing out. A landing page needs to consider follow through.

For example, if there is a special offer or promotion, or ‘hook’ inside your email, this needs to be the foundations of the headline within your landing page. A potential customer does not need to be bombarded with heaps of text and information.

Employ bullet points to simplify your message and headers to break up your text into easily manageable sections. White space is also necessary as it enable your page to ‘breath’ and will focus the recipient’s attention on the links, message and calls to action.

One might not be enough

Although transporting visitors to specific landing pages is a great step forward it might not be all you need to fully maximize your potential conversion rates, turning your leads into sales.

It could be that your target market require more information that one web page is able to offer before making the decision to convert, in which case you may want to think about using a dedicated, multi-page landing site.

A landing site, if you did not know, is a targeted mini website which has been especially designed to optimize your online marketing visibility, your conversions, sales and sometimes your referrals.

A landing site can be used to host all your extra special bits such as testimonials, case studies, visual presentations either in video or flash, money back guarantees and maybe a viral element.

Our creative team are able to help you create beautiful and enticing landing pages and microsites so why not give us a call on 0845 1770508.

By Lee Callender
Friday, 14 September 2012 09:08
Catagory: Delivery
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