Big or small email marketing campaigns?

There have recently been some reports ran which have looked into the open and non-open rates of email marketing campaigns compared to the number of emails actually sent.

500 – 5,000 emails sent

The findings were that email campaigns who send to a data base containing between 500 and 5,000 contacts have an average non-open rate of 69%, resulting in an average 31% open rate, which is higher than the average overall DMA benchmark open rates.*

This report includes a variety of different campaigns and senders such as client campaigns as well as campaigns to ‘cold’ potential data and therefore this is a relatively healthy open rate although only an average.

50 – 500 emails sent

The average non-open rate for campaigns that sent far fewer emails, to between 50 to 500 contacts was also considered. For these more niche email campaigns the non-open rate figure decreased to 61% indicating that when campaigns target a far smaller group open rates typically increase by 8%.

It can be assumed that as these emails are sent to smaller groups, they are far more niche and therefore contain much more relevant contact. These findings support the assertion of email marketers, which is that the more targeted the email, the better response it will receive.

5,000+ emails sent

This study showed that when an email campaign targeted more than 5,000 contacts the non-open average rate rose to 74%, reducing the open rate average to a mere 26%. However, although this does seem fairly low, it should be taken into considerations that email campaigns of this size often contain a large number of ‘cold’ contacts.

Overall message

So, this study indicates that you should take the same level of dedication and consideration with your email campaign whether you are targeting a small volume of contacts or a very large amount. It is important to consider using tools such as segmentation and dynamic content to help tailor promotions and offers, your overall message and, of course, your subject line.

* DMA National Email Benchmarking Report Q4, 2010: Average unique open rate for acquisition campaigns = 16%. Average unique open rate for retention campaigns = 18.5%.

By Lee Callender
Monday, 17 September 2012 15:52
Catagory: Delivery
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