Top 10 email marketing start-up tips

Excited about embarking upon your very first email marketing campaign but unsure where to start first?

See our top ten tips for email marketer newbies to help you construct a strong campaign and see exciting and positive results:

1. Permission

In order to comply with the Data Protection legislation you must make sure that your email campaign is permission-based, meaning that you have to have the customer’s consent for you to contact them. Build up your contacts database by collecting emails from potential customers at every single opportunity such as networking events and exhibitions.

2. Plan

Consider the main aim of your campaign. Do you want to boost sales? Build brand awareness? Promote new offers? How are you going to achieve these goals?

3. Calls to action

Ensure you include at least one call to action in every email you send out. These can come in various different forms such as downloading promotion vouchers or subscribing to a blog or e-newsletter.

4. Links

Be sure to embed correctly working links on your website allowing customers to find out more information regarding your specific offers. These links will also allow you to keep track of click-through rates enabling you to monitor the campaigns success.

5. Subject link

Your subject line needs to be carefully planned as it will have a huge sway on whether or not your target audience open and read the emails. It needs to be short and to the point and avoid the use of capital letters, exclamation mars and danger words such as ‘FREE’.

6. Design

It is vital that the design of your email works. Using an HTML design will enable your email to have a professional look, but if this is not done correctly it will not appear correctly across the various different inboxes and perhaps get banished to spam folders.

7. Target your audience

Applying the process of targeting enables you to adjust your email campaign to make sure that you are sending the most appropriate content to the right people at the most opportune time. Amending your email content to the different target groups will have a significant impact on your success rates.

8. Experimentation

Don’t just stick to your original email design. Play around with subject lines, links, images, and see what happens. Use the method of split testing to see how adjustments affect your recipient responses and amend your emails accordingly.

9. How deliverable are your emails?

You will find that one of the main hurdles you will face is actually having your emails arrive safe in your customers’ inbox. ISPs automatically delete a vast amount of emails each day so make sure you select an email service provider with high deliverability rates.

10. Measure

Always measure your campaign rates. By tracking how many emails you have sent and which ones were opened, which links were clicked on and within which email they were located, you can adjust your next campaign with these results in mind.

By Lee Callender
Friday, 21 September 2012 15:53
Catagory: Delivery
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