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5 email marketing tips you must read...

Before pressing that ‘send’ button, make sure your emails do not contain any items which will get them banished to the junk mail folder. Why not follow our 5 day plan to get your emails into the highest number of inboxes possible?

Day 1 – Clean up your data

Follow the green trend and construct your contact database organically. Make sure you have permission for all your contacts’ details and utilize your website’s homepage to do just this.

Make sure all your content pages contain incentives to encourage visitors to subscribe to your e-newsletters, special offers and updates.

By doing this, you protect both you and your ESP’s sender reputation. It will also help to reduce your spam complaints, bounce rates and increase your deliverability percentages.

Day 2 – Use organic data

By using bought or hired contact addresses or third party data you will increase the chance of high bounce rates and spam complaints.

Ensure you check any third party data which is used for nonspecific email addresses and are aware of how the contact permission was gained originally. A good rule is to no email any contacts who you have not directly received prior permission from to send them your marketing emails.

Day 3 – Less is more

A common myth is that sending ‘bulk’ email campaigns will get you high delivery rates – so erase your excess contacts and stream line your campaign by targeting selected contacts.

Be careful to collect genuine and meaningful data which you are then able to segment according to each campaign you run making sure that each contact is only sent highly relevant and informative information they will value.

Day 4 – Make it personal

Portraying a sense of personality in your email messages is vital.

Constructing your emails whether they are offers or information ensuring they fit the profile of the contacts who will be receiving them. This will not only raise your reputation but will also reduce your unsubscribe rates.

The combination of interesting contact and personalization allows you to address emails to the name and needs of each audience member. Making sure the right message reaches the correct people at the most opportune time will ensure long-term deliverability advantages.

Day 5 – Believe in your message

It does not matter how long you spend on the wording and presentation of your emails or how targeted they are, the deliverability of your message relies mostly upon how much you believe in what you are saying and that your audience believe you also.

Make sure you send your email messages from an authentic ‘sent from’ address as this is essential for identifying and verifying your domain name to the ISPs.

By Lee Callender
Monday, 01 October 2012 09:39
Catagory: Delivery
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