The don’ts of getting past spam filters

Don’t play around with fonts

The application of large fonts, italics and capitals will raise your spam score. Replace large texts and headlines with carefully selected graphics. However, remember to bear in mind the ratio of texts and images.

Don’t use white text

Many spammers employ white text to add content to emails which is not seen by the receiver in order to get past email content filters. If you must use white text add a coloured background and ensure that any coloured text contrasts strongly with a coloured background.

Don’t embed images in your emails

Host all the images you use in your messages online via an image library or your website. Do not send emails with graphics attached or embedded as this is common practice for spammers.

Don’t use forms

None of the major email programs support sending forms within an email; therefore including one in your messages could make it look like spam. Consider using a link to direct your recipients to the desired form or even host one on your website or microsite.

Don’t use high scoring spam words

When writing your email content be sure to check that it does not contain any words which will get caught in the spam filters such as ‘free’, ‘no obligation’ and ‘order now’.

By Lee Callender
Friday, 16 November 2012 08:50
Catagory: Delivery
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