8 Easy ways to spruce up your email marketing

It’s easy to feel like you’ve become stuck in a rut when it comes to carrying out your email marketing. Feeling like all you’re doing is sending out the same kind of message, containing the same kind of information over and over again. And, although this may be achieving OK results, it is important to know whether you could be doing more.
Coming up with fresh, interesting and creative ideas time and time again is not the easiest of things, however, if you want the best results possible, it is somewhat crucial.


So, here are some of our top tips to help you rejuvenate your email marketing campaign.

1. Obtain a new email template design
How your message looks and feels to the reader is of great importance; but they will also require slight variety from once in a while. So, if you have been using the same template for your message for some time now, try to implement a few changes. However, it is imperative that you seek professional help when doing this as changing a template design is not as simple as it may first appear.
2. Short and snappy copy is key
No one enjoys reading through heaps and heaps of waffling text and peoples’ reading habits are far more impatient online than they are offline, so bearing this in mind, ensure that your sentences are simple and your paragraphs short and direct. Not only will the keep your readers engaged but it will also mean they’ll be more likely to take direct action.
3. Play around with images
Including appropriate images in your emails can help you to deliver far more of a bang compared to simply sending words to your audience. Experiment with using images, however, be sure to keep a record of your open rates when you do as occasionally, if your recipients have their settings so that images are turned off as standard, it may be that they are not able to see the full message the first time it is sent. A good test to carry out is to segment your contact list and find out whether you achieve better results with more or less images. Alternatively, you could also apply for email accreditation and in some circumstances your emails can have the images turned on by default.
4. Use a friendly ‘from’ email address
A great way to encourage confidence and trust from your recipients is to use friendly ‘from’ email addresses and will entice them to open your email. If you are not already using a friendly ‘from’ address it is worth an investment.
5. Segmentation and testing
Breaking up your contact list into different segments and then testing various elements of marketing campaign is a perfect way to discover which parts of your campaign could be improved upon.
6. Make-over your subject line
The first thing your recipient is going to see is your subject line which means it is one of the most fundamental elements with regards to your open rates. In order for your subject line to entice your readers to open your email it must be relevant and interesting.
7. Begin your data collection
In order to carry out the most productive segmentation and targeting, you’ll need to start collecting as much information about your recipients as possible. This can be done by either linking your email marketing platform with your CRM database or by conducting a survey.
8. Make use of social media
Once you have made all the above changes to your email, it is almost certain that your readers will once again enjoy receiving your messages. It is even possible that they may wish to share the information you are providing with their friends, family members and colleagues. To encourage this behavior and allow them to do so be sure to include social media sharing links in your messages. It is also important for you to include a ‘subscribe’ button which will enable new people who read your messages to sign up for your future messages.

By Lee Callender
Thursday, 14 November 2013 13:42
Catagory: Design
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