5 Quick Steps to Improve your E-Newsletter

Want some useful hints and tips on how to enhance your e-newsletter? Well read on…


Use a real ‘from’ address
Always, always, always use an address which will allow you to receive replies. This is vital as some of your subscribers may wish to comment on information they have read or could even have some questions they want to ask you.
A short and snappy introduction is key
Waffling on in your introduction simple means that the most important and relevant content is moving further and further down the page. Although introductions allow you to place your information in context and can work very well they should always be short and to the point. The best length is simply a couple of lines.
The ‘From’ section should include your company name
If the information in the ‘From’ section of your e-newsletter is not honest and clear, the more chance your email will simply be deleted, to avoid this from happening always include your company name.
Avoid attachments
A subscriber will not want to go through the hassle of downloading an attachment to figure out what the point of your email is. So, if you need to provide further information why not provide a link to a blog post or landing page? Sending attachments can also trigger spam filters meaning your subscriber won’t even receive the information you are sending out.
Don’t employ your email program and send out to ‘undisclosed-recipients’
Applying this method will simply make you look like an amateur and using your email program is guaranteed to highlight compatibility issues for example, it could look perfect in Hotmail, but a disaster in Outlook.
Employ an email service provider, such as Mail Magic, to send out your newsletter, or better still why not outsource it to us?!

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 13:48
Catagory: Design
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