Are you going to be able to learn from the campaign?

One of the most powerful elements of an email campaign is the ability to track link visits. While the main statistics will give you a good idea of the overall campaign you can be more specific as to which links were clicked by clicking the "Link" option from the "Statistics Types" at the top of the page. This page breaks down which links were clicked and how often. This information can be gold dust if used correctly. Consider breaking up your message into subsections each with their own individual link. Each link can even go to the same place. Just make sure they are subtly different. One way is to add an anchor to your link for example:

Unless you have set up your page to handle anchors it will make no difference once they click the link, they will still end up on the same page. The clever bit is that Mail Magic will treat them as different links. This means that when you review your statistics you will be able differentiate between each link clicked. Therefore you will know which parts of your message are most popular. This gives you the ability to tailor subsequent messages based on your audience feedback. Its a bit like a marketing email and survey in one!

By Lee Callender
Friday, 01 July 2011 15:45
Catagory: Design
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