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Research shows that a personalised email increases your chances of the receiptiant opening the email by as much as 4.5%. It makes the receiptiant feel valued and like the email has been sent specifically to them and its not part of a email campaign and lets face it when you receive an email starting ‘Dear Valued Customer’ do you really feel valued?

Mail Magic allows you to personalise messages in the same style as a mail merge. You simply include in your text the names of the contact information fields against an address record. The following fields are available:

[[email-address]], [[first-name]], [[last-name]], [[company]], [[address-1]], [[address-1]], [[town-city]], [[county]], [[postcode]], [[country]], [[telephone]], [[fax]], [[mobile]], [[spare1]], [[spare2]]

So if for example you have populated the first-name field in your address list you could start your message:

Dear [[first-name]],

Therefore you are instantly creating a personalised email to each of your recipients. Our experience shows that this can increase the click through rate of your campaign considerably.

By Lee Callender
Tuesday, 05 July 2011 15:47
Catagory: Design
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