Building an email Marketing Campaign

Obviously you know the requirements of your business far better than we do, but if you have an offering, something you want people to know about, you need to tell them, entice them and get them wanting more. If the offer is relevant to your audience and they can easily see the value in it it will succeed. If you are providing information, a newsletter for example, you need to ensure it is relevant to the reader. Ask yourself what will the reader take away from the information you are providing? What is in it for them? Remember even if they don't act immediately every message is in itself an advert - a branding exercise. Do not alienate you audience with the offer, excite them.

Create interesting, relevant content:

Creating great content is probably the most important part of your message. You must engage your reader very quickly - usually within the preview pane of their email In-box. The message should, in general, be 80% content and 20% marketing and you should try to include the following in every message:

  1. A small banner, generally your brand logo - making you instantly recognisable in a preview pane:
  2. A"Forward to a Friend" function:
  3. A link to your Privacy Policy:
  4. An easy to find "Subscribe" box:
  5. An easy "Unsubscribe" option - preferably one click:
  6. A prominent link to your website.
  7. And, finally, the legal bit, these are not optional, every message you send must include, your company registration number, the country of registration, your registered office address, a link to your privacy policy and an unsubscribe link.
By Emily Adams
Thursday, 07 July 2011 15:54
Catagory: Design
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