The use of video in emails

A lot of email marketers are curious about experimenting with the use of video within emails. Although this can create some outstanding and terrific effects, in reality the technology just is not there quite yet.

There are some companies out there which claim to provide up-to-date ‘technology platforms’ which are able to stream your videos via email, however it is not the server which is usually the problem, it is the majority of target audience members who only use very standard email clients, such as Hotmail and Yahoo.

So, the most reliable method to ensure large deliverability of a video clip is to embed it within a website or microsite, and forward traffic to it via a direct link within your email. By selecting this method you are able to guarantee that you can reach all your selected recipients and not simply the ones who have access to selected options for receiving videos.


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By Lee Callender
Thursday, 13 October 2011 09:54
Catagory: Design
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