The cost of using ‘Free’

The rules about using the word ‘free’ within your marketing emails is somewhat ambiguous as using it in the wrong context can have some damaging implications. 

Employing the word ‘free’ in email marketing campaigns may result in emails being caught within spam filters. However, far more serious implications include your emails violating the CAP code. 

CAP code 32.3 states that ‘Promoters should not describer an individual element of a package as ‘free’ if the cost of that element is included in the package price’. 

Additionally, under the CAP code, you are unable to advertise a special promotion as ‘free’ should the consumer need to buy an item or service to be provided as the free item. An example of this is that a mobile phone operator is unable to state their consumers are provided with a ‘free’ handset if they are obligated to buy the airtime to go with it. Therefore, employing the word ‘inclusive’ is far safer than using the word ‘free’ when trying to describe a package deal.

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 27 November 2013 16:01
Catagory: Legal
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