Environmental Policy

At Mail Magic, we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Our HQ is situated in the heart of the National Forest which reminds us everyday how lucky we are to be situated in such a beautiful place.

Whatever we do as a business we know that it can and will impact our colleagues, partners, customers and the locality, so we endeavor to minimize our impact on the environment wherever we can.

Here are a couple of ways in which we help the environment;

  • By default we will send all communication via email. This includes general marketing, official quotations, and all invoices.
  • We actively recycle all forms of waste paper including newspapers, magazines and print material.
  • All other recyclable materials including printer cartridges, cans and glass wherever possible.
  • All office equipment and hardware that is end of life or no longer fit for purpose is sent to local agencies who specialise in the refurbishment of such items.
  • We encourage the use of technology to enable our staff to work from home where possible thus reducing the amount of miles we do.
  • Where possible we try and source products from reputable local suppliers whom share our ethos in helping the environment.

We hope that by doing our bit we can encourage others to do theirs, securing a slightly brighter future for all.

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 16:34
Catagory: Legal
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