Incorporating social media into your email marketing campaign

The rapid growth of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, has resulted in very exciting opportunities for marketers over the past few years. Communication channels are known for shifting and evolving consistently, which leaves online marketers with the challenge of locating the best ways in which to incorporate these social platforms in way which engages consumers and results in increased revenue.

While the effective incorporation of social media communication channels holds a vast array of potential, a successful method of implementation needs very careful planning. Below are three methods used by email marketers to capitalize on this thrilling prospect:

Employ social media platforms to encourage opt-ins for email programs

Social media websites attract a brand new cluster of individual and therefore attempting to add followers, friends and influences on these platforms to the email channel, which is where conversions and building relationships can occur. 

Firstly, you should make sure that your email includes opt-in forms and/or links on to your business’s social network profiles. Secondly, you need to think about the people who interact with your company’s social networks and what they may expect from you such as personality and tone in your communications. Therefore, ensure that your marketing messages are focused on education and personality rather than professional, corporate speak. 

Consider the preferences of your customers

The best marketers know and understand that preference centers assist in helping to increase the relevance of your message and therefore minimize list churn. For example, offering an alternative to communicating via email such as social networking, text messages and direct mail, helps businesses to communicate with their customers on their terms.

Whereas some businesses might wish to use text messaging for only urgent notifications and social media for promotions and as social media continues to flourish and become the channel of communication of choice, the preference centre will become more and more important. Therefore, you should think about adding a link to your preference centre onto your Facebook page and Twitter profile.

Increase your email message share-ability

One of the key elements of incorporating social media into email marketing is by making it easy for your consumers to share what you have to say. In order to encourage your recipients to distribute your message, you need to make sure that it is relevant, personalized, containing suitable links to social media sites.

If your business collects user reviews of your products and/or services then review-posted notifications can provide a fantastic chance to encourage recipients to share the content. Why not try including social media links into the messages you send your users once a new review goes live on your website. This will provide your consumers with a chance to broadcast their opinions through their social media profiles, and therefore increasing how many people will see your business’s offer or promotion and brand.


Despite presenting a range of challenges, integrating social media into email marketing activities offers the opportunity to grow and engage with your audience in a more effective and rewarding way. Don’t miss this chance to turn conversations into conversions and, ultimately, revenue.

By Lee Callender
Tuesday, 22 October 2013 10:58
Catagory: Social Media
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