How Twitter can benefit your Business

Twitter can bring a great many benefits to your business. The majority of them deal with the real-time gathering of information and here are some ways this can be done:


Taking part in industry conversation

You will always be able to find a number of members of your target audience on Twitter, who will be talking about both their positive and negative experiences regarding your business. You need to be a part of this. Partake in these conversations when it is appropriate to do so.


Building brand awareness
Businesses can employ Twitter to keep their brand at the front of their followers’ minds. Twitter enables companies to keep promoting themselves and what they are getting up to without being seen as annoying.


Engage with member of your target audience
Through Twitter you can interact with potential and current customers. Although you do not want to be seen as pestering them, you will be able to engage through re-tweeting their tweets, responding to questions or reacting to something which has been said.


Managing your online reputation
Like the old saying goes ‘Bad news travels fast’ and the same applies to Twitter if not more so. However, through this social media platform you can respond to anything negative which is said to about you. It is important to bear in mind that Twitter is a social environment and so honesty is seen as a good thing. If someone has had a bad experience, acknowledge this and let them know you are working to ensure it does not happen again.


Promote your recent news
The majority of businesses now have a blog or e-newsletter in order to keep their customers updated with their recent activity. You can use Twitter to promote your news by including URL links in your tweets.


Promote new deals and offers
Twitter can easy be employed as a promotional tool to help you shout about both your online and offline endeavors. Although you do not want to be too OTT, it is important to stay in the forefront of your followers minds.


Boosting your SEO
Driving traffic to your website can also be achieved through Twitter. A simple tweet containing a URL link to your site or landing page will significantly increase the number of visits you receive.


Ask your followers questions and answer theirs
Twitter is a fantastic tool to respond to any questions you followers may ask with regards to your services and/or products and industry. However, it also offers you the chance to ask them questions too. Find out their likes and dislikes to help you adjust your content etc. accordingly.




By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 11:05
Catagory: Social Media
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