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Social media should not be treated the only element of your business. It is not a little piece of dynamite which will help a struggling company reach new heights, but more of a means to help a business listen to their customers, react to what they want and build relationships with them.

Read on to find 18 simple reasons why your company should wish to become involved with social media. Although this is not a complete list, it does demonstrate just what can be achieved through these interactive platforms.


1. Increase your visibility
Partaking in social media and blogging will enable you to remain constantly visible with your audience. Taking part in conversation and sharing daily information will make you and your business a small but memorable part of their day, turning your company into a recognisable brand.

2. Become a resource
Once you have become a recognizable brand, you need to be seen as useful. By painting yourself as a resource for people to ‘go-to’ for certain topics, you will build both trust and confidence in your business. This is how you become known as an industry expert in the eye of you followers.

3. Obtaining speaking slots
Conference organizers keep an eye out for speakers at their events who are both trusted and respected. Social media will enable you to be seen as both.

4. Create a community
Being available through social media and reaching out to your current and potential customers, and sharing information will strengthen your online community. You can build new connections, help community members to meet one another and form deep conversations with more and more voices.

5. Faster conversions
When an individual lands on your website via social media, they make a purchase much quicker than through the far more conventional routes. They require far less convincing to complete the transaction as they often have far more trust and faith within your business as you are not seen as a stranger.

6. Draw attention to your product
Social media provides an extra avenue for you to promote your product and/or service in an information and far more conversational way. You can expose the advantages of what you are offering without being seen as ‘salesy’. You also have the ability to answer any questions your followers may have.

7. Locating new projects and clients
Most often businesses are contacted for their services or to partner in something as a they like what that business is doing on Twitter or because they read blog posts or e-newletters and relate to what is being said. When a company takes part in conversations, they make their brand a part of their story and people take notice of this.

8. Perceived through association
People often say what we are the company we keep and this also applies to social media platforms. You can become friends with people who your customers most respect and look up to, assisting you in building on your own authority through association. For example, you can look smarter by talking to smart people.

9. Tell your story
Studies into social media have shown that people prefer to work with and buy from businesses they know. People enjoy meeting the personality behind the brand as it allows them to feel a part of them. By telling your followers your company story, you will be sharing them your success and create that personal feeling.

10. Become a mentor
Obviously you not the only business using social media to network with and meet new people, so are many many others. But sometimes you will be the person they are trying to meet and learn from.

11. Take time to improve your writing skills
Becoming a part of the social media world will mean you are forced to improve on your writing skills. Not only will you need to entertain your followers but you will also be required to teach, inform and explain in a limited number of characters.

12. Develop new and better ideas
With your blogs, social conversations and interaction on forums you will be able to collect more and more feedback on ideas before investing time and money in them. You can find out what people like, dislike and what they want more of. This will enable you to produce something which excites them, rather than putting them to sleep.

13. Quicker networking
Via Twitter you will be able to converse with numerous influential and accomplished people before your launch. This is the kind of interaction you could not buy for all the money in the world.

14. Locate partners
Social media platforms will also enable you to locate potential partners and mentors to share resources with who are able to assist in various aspects of business and possible collaborations.

15. Obtain information quicker
If you have a question you need answering or a problem you require help solving then social media is the perfect platform to help. You can create a network full of people who will have an abundance of business knowledge between them, which makes for a fantastic information resource. You throw a question out there and someone will respond much quicker compared to any other form of communication.

16. Build a depositary
When someone tweets or posts an interesting or informative article or tutorial, save it. Over time you will build a very valuable resource depositary you will be able to refer back to time and time again.

17. Consider your company culture
When your business is social and customers are interacted with in real-time, you are forced to really pin down exactly who you and your brand are. What makes you you? It is important to take the time to figure this out.

18. Better staff hires
Getting involved in social media can help your business employ staff smarter and faster. You will be introduced to more qualified candidates and help you to establish a referral network. So rather than sieving through a great big pile of CV’s, you can put in place a far clutter-less process.

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 08 January 2014 14:00
Catagory: Social Media
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