The Advantages of Bringing your Email Marketing and Social Media together

There is an abundance of benefits you can reap with regards to interlinking your social media profiles and your email marketing campaign. Below you will see some of the most important advantages:


1. Maximised reach and frequency
Aligning your social media marketing efforts with your email marketing campaign can significantly improve the reach of your efforts as well as the frequency. So how is this so? By manipulating the enhanced connections which are provided by your social media profiles. When you press the send button on your email marketing messages, you are only sharing what you have to say with your subscribers. However, when you are employing social media to support your campaign, you will have the means to expose both your recipients’ friends and colleagues to your marketing message as well.


2. Cheap list growth
Should your recipients’ friends and colleagues enjoy what that see, they might choose to subscribe themselves and therefore adding to your contact list. This kind of sharing is far quicker and cheaper than buying a list or putting into practice other ‘list growing’ methods. There is also the additional benefit of immediate credibility, as that person joining your list via a friend or colleagues recommendation is more likely to trust your brand compared to if they joined through another kind of advert. The average emailing list churn is approx. 30% annually (if your current list of 100,000 subscribers, you will lose 30,000 recipients this year). So it is easy to see the importance for marketers to reap the advantages of every single list growing opportunity out there.


3. Enhanced customer engagement
The secrete to achieveing higher email delivery rates, open and click through rates and improving your customer satisfaction as well as increased conversions is simply engaging with your customers. Social media enables you to achieve this because your email marketing messages can be forwarded, Tweeted, Retweeted, Blogged and posted on Facebook, then reposted by a fellow user who likes what you have to say. This means that your message is far more likely to be read and believed by all of that individual’s friends and colleagues, achieving even more interaction with your business. Additionally, it enables you to build on your online presence and reputation through allowing your business personality to come through.


4. Enhanced email marketing message relevance
When you think about the fact that the people who receive your email will probably share it with people they know who would also be interested in what you have to say, it is easy to see how this can increase your overall relevance and conversions. Also, the feedback which you are able to receive via social media can also be employed to help perfect and therefore increase the relevance of your future email marketing messages.


5. Two way communications
Before web 2.0, marketing was a simple one-way form of conversation, which meant marketers would have full control of the message. However, with the arrival of social media, the one-way conversation become somewhat extent as online tools and communication channels permitted people to join in the conversation with each other and with businesses. Interaction via these tools encouraged individuals to talk about their opinions and experiences, and as long as this conversation is handled well, they feel more and more engaged with your business.


6. Efficient and continuous
Building and putting into action an email marketing campaign can be extremely time consuming and expensive and marketers are always aware of their subscribers’ frequency preferences and what information is believed to be relevant. Social media platforms enable the value of your email marketing to expand far past the typical response which generally occurs 72 hours after your email has been sent without the risk of overloading your customers with information.
Social media platforms provide a channel to continually interact with your customers through conversation and therefore keeping their interest ignited without being seen as a pest and annoying.


7. Improved ROI and revenue
All the advantages mentioned above all point to same thing, and that is that social media can strengthen the power of your email marketing campaign through improved reach and relevance of your message. So, combining the efforts of both email marketing and social media leads to an increased volume of leads and sales. It is somewhat obvious that the more people you reach with your message, the larger your group of potential consumers and therefore your chance to increase conversions and sales.

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 11:00
Catagory: Social Media
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