Utilising Social Networking for Your Email Marketing Campaign

Utilising Social Networking for Your Email Marketing Campaign


There are numerous people out there nowadays writing about how you can make money out of social networks and so this article will not be a simple re-hash of all the same old info!

However, what I will do is let you in on a few of my best tips regarding email marketing solutions and just how you can use tactics to manipulate social networks to make a feel difference in the results you will see at the end of your campaign.

Read on and see if you are able to put into action some, if not all of, my hints and tips.


Making your email campaigns more social

Position a small headshot of yourself next to your signature


As you will probably have noticed, on every networking site there is a place for a picture of yourself and this can also be done on your email. A nice big smile will immediately project more personality into your message. Although this may seem like a very small change, you will find that it is the smallest things which create that largest effects and produce more results.


Begin a group on social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook which your subscribers can join


The nature of email is a one-on-one tool for communication and even though you may send your message to thousands of people, it is typical to write your content as if you are talking to just one person.

In comparison to this, social networking is a tool concerned about talking to as many people as possible, which vastly contributes to just how popular it has become. It is important to consider if your subscribers are going to be even more engaged with your message if they are able to talk about it between one another? Would they enjoy being able to share what you have to say with their friends and family members on the same social networking platforms?


Interacting with your subscribers


Although email is a one-to-one method of communication, it does not have to be just one way. Your recipients are always able to hit the reply button and send something back to you. It is important that you take advantage of that fact and encourage feed back as much as possible.

You can employ surveys and polls to help you measure your results when constructing your future messages and campaigns. This method is employed by TV channels and radio to keep you tuned in over and over again.


Write like a person and not a machine


You are not a robot, or at least I hope not, and so why would you want to write like one?

It is important that your content depicts you as an approachable individual however, try not to do it with too much personal information!


Network with other content providers


It is important to network with individuals with similar interests to yourself is very natural on social networking sites and there are many advantages of linking up with non-competitor authorities within your niche. These include meeting guest writers for your blog, a chance to build your contact database and building your authority within the industry.


Link up all of your social networking profiles


If you are a member of various social networking sites, you will have a range of profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Flickr. There are various tools out there which enable you to link up all of these accounts and so why not feature a few links on the bottom of your email so your subscribers can get to know you on a more personal level.

However, be sure to guarantee that there is nothing on your profiles which you would not want potential customers or clients to see.


By Emily Adams
Sunday, 04 March 2012 21:41
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