Reasons why you should employ social media along side your email marketing

Reasons why you should employ social media along side your email marketing

Here are our 7 key reasons to why you should consider social media to help you with your online marketing.

1.Establishing your brand!

As nearly every member of the population is engaging in some way with social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, getting your brand name seen by all these individuals is a must. Social networking platforms are a great place to create your business’s online image and get it seen by the masses.

2.Pitching your products in a more interactive way

As people visit social media sites various times a day for fun, you can pitch your products and services simply be engaging in conversation with customers about them and answering questions. This will enable you to create valuable relationships with your customers rather than bombarding them with adverts.

3.Feature your products

Featuring your best selling products or services on social networking sites is a great way to bring heaps of attention to it. By offering a promotion alongside your image will greatly enhance your sales figures.

  1. 4.Build customer loyalty and trust
    Interacting with your customers in a far less formal way will make them feel like you are a friend rather than a business. This will allow you to build trust, and therefore your business will be chosen rather than your competition as well as improving your chance to achieve recommendations and testimonials.

  2. 5. Listen to what your consumers have to say
    Social networking websites are a great way to actually see what your target audience members think and feel about your company and what you offer. Listen and cat on what they have to say in order to enhance your products and services to help better meet their needs

    6.Market research
  3. As well as listening to what your customers say, conduct some market research so you are able to track just what they are getting up to. What links do they click through? What kind of images do they respond to? The public love to express all kinds of emotions and opinions on social networking sites, even more so than in person, so use this to your advantage. Once you have your new, fresh and relevant information you will be able to adjust and modify your products and services to please them, as well as writing more blog posts and e-newsletter articles which you know they will love.


  1. 7.Reinforce your customer service
    Social media networks provide you with a platform to directly and efficiently respond to your customers’ questions and queries. Not only will this improve your customer service but it will also help your bank balance as you will save a great deal in customer service phone calls.
By Emily Adams
Sunday, 04 March 2012 21:50
Catagory: Social Media
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