Why should my company be on Twitter?

Companies stand to benefit greatly from having a strong presence on Twitter, the majority of which deal with gathering information. Below are just a handful of ways in which a business can benefit from a Twitter account. -    Taking part in industry conversations

It is a given that your customers and potential consumers are already on Twitter tweeting about their experiences, whether they be good or bad. So why not get involved? Taking part in a conversation, when it is appropriate, is a great way to informally interact with your target audience, building relationships and brand awareness. -   

Brand Awareness
A business can use Twitter to ensure that their brand is at the forefront of their target audience’s mind. Whether you are promoting a sale or the launch of a new product tweeting about it will allow people to engage in what you are doing.-   

Connect with your audience
Interacting with your target audience members through Twitter allows you to have a presence without being in their face. Connect with them by re-tweeting their posts or responding to a question they may ask.-   

Managing your online reputation
Information comes to Twitter very quickly and the death of Michael Jackson is a prime example of this. Businesses are able to keep an eye on what is being said about them and their brand in real-time. This means is someone tweets a bad opinion or experience about your brand, you can react about it immediately. You will then be able to address which ever issues have been raised. -   

Promote your material
If your business has a blog or e-newletters you can utilise Twitter to promote this. You can include URL links in your tweets and even monitor who has clicked through on your links when you do this.  -   

You can employ Twitter as a free marketing and advertising tool to promote your offline events as well as your online ones such as online seminars and virtual tradeshows. If you own a e-commerce site you may have such things as a ‘deal of the day’ where you are able to advertise your deals etc. You do not want to come across as too promotional and in your face, but Twitter enables you to the chance to promote what you have without offending people.  -   

Boost your SEO rankings
Great content on your website needs to be seen by as many people as possible and Twitter is a great means of generating this traffic. A two second tweet containing a URL link to your site will significantly increase your footfall to whatever landing page you chose.-   

If you don’t ask, you don’t get
Twitter is a great way to ask questions to a huge audience of people and if your question is engaging, not only should you get responses but you should also trigger conversations around your company. -   

Manage your news
If you have a huge product launch or a big announcement to make, Twitter is the best place to tell the world. As we discussed earlier, news travels fast on Twitter which makes this the perfect way to spread your message.

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By Lee Callender
Sunday, 04 March 2012 22:18
Catagory: Social Media
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