The Do’s of getting past spam filters

Buy a professionally designed template

Although you may wish to save money by designing your email template yourself, opting for a professionally designed template is strongly advised. This template will include the correct HTML coding and will guarantee that is looks as high quality in all of the browsers.

A template with bad or poor coding will result in a high spam score

Do not use any missing or unnecessary coding

Unneeded or misplaced code within your email messages is likely to result in presentation problems as well as suggesting to ISPs that your email isn’t of a professional nature. This can include empty font tags and can be responsible for ruining your deliverability into inboxes.

Use multi-part emails

Send out multi-part emails to your recipients and ensure that the plain text version perfectly matches the HTML version. This way, it does not matter if your receiver is opening the email on a blackberry, laptop or PDA, they will still be able to view it.

Check for typos

Sending out emails with spelling errors and bad grammar are key attributes for spammers. So be sure to avoid this fatal flaw at all costs. Use a spell checker tool and even ask a friend or colleague to read through your copy.

Text to graphic ratio

An email heavy with images is a prime target for spam folders. Aim to get a healthy balance of the two for a striking looking email that is also content rich.

Personalization is key

An up to date and correct database is essential for any marketing campaign and allows for successful and effective personalization.

Unpersonalized emails can entice unwanted or damaging unsubscribers or ever spam complaints.


By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 25 September 2013 09:16
Catagory: Spam
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