3 Steps to Building a Profitable Opt-In List

Once you have begun building your opt-in list, it is important that you know what to do with it. Here are 3 very quick and very easy ways to achieve a profitable opt-in list:

1. Secure your customers trust in you and your products
Launching a product to your opt-in list is not going to give you ‘expert’ status and turn you into an impressive seller. Write numerous articles before you begin an opt-in list. These should be about the topic that you know and are passionate about as this will come through in your writing. Try to contribute to forums initially to help you gain knowledge about your potential customers, their wants and needs. This will then allow you to target those wants and needs. By joining forums you will be able to offer advice, guidance and recommendations. When it is starting to feel like people trust you, this is best time to begin building your list. Use the base you have collected from the forum as well as friends to start off with. You can also put a link on the forum to your site so people can see exactly what it is you are offering.
It is true that the money will begin to come in only when the customers and subscribers believe in you and trust you. People will not buy anything as a result of your recommendation if they have no trust in you.


2. Find products and services people want and need
Why it might not be your area of expertise, if you provide something that you have taken the time to research and learn about, you will be able to recommend it. It will pay off to invest your time, money and effort in research so that you are able to sell to your buyers or subscribers. Although it is always better to sell something which you are familiar with and have an interest in, not everyone is going to share these interests with you, should you chose to sell something not completely popular or exceptionally profitable. It is also wise to provide your subscribers with promotional material which they are able to use.


3. Become friends with your opt-in list users
This is the most beneficial if it is someone who has successfully launched using an opt-in list as these will be people who have the experience and knowledge that you need. While there are numerous articles on the internet at your disposal, there is nothing like speaking to someone who has first-hand experience.
An experienced opt-in list user shall be able to guide you on what to do and what not to do as they will have gone through it themselves. Although different situations occur for each email marketer, having someone to discuss the general concept with will be very useful.
It is important to remember that building your profitable opt-in list is not going to happen over night. It requires quite a lot of preparation and effort to build from scratch, but as it grows it is essential that you keep it to a high quality, organised and manageable.

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 19 February 2014 13:43
Catagory: Training
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