Your email marketing and your squeeze page

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is where you will house your opt-in form and it will also act as a place for your contacts to be able to locate you, see and analyse what you are offering to them and then make the choice to either become a subscriber or not.

The main function of a squeeze page is to attract your customers and encourage them to take action such as subscribing to you list and therefore it also acts like a sales page. As your call for action is a key element in building a high performance squeeze page you must ensure that it is located in a prime location and pushes your visitors to perform the act you wish, like filling out your opt-in form. It is important that you clearly direct the visitors of your site to complete their name and their email address, and if you are using a double opt-in) asking them to verify their request to be on your contact list.

Although your squeeze page is going to act the same as a traditional sales page in the way it motivates your visitors, it is the structure of your squeeze page which will be very different. Whereas a traditional sales page is designed to provide as much information as possible about whatever product or service is being sold, with the main goal of converting a visitor into a consumer, a squeeze page is very different.

A squeeze page does not ask a visitor to decide whether or not they are going to make a purchase or attend an event etc, you are simply instructing them to join your mailing list, with the reward of a either a free product or discounted item. When you are creating your squeeze page it is important that you keep your market in the forefront of your mind, and then build the page under a particular problem, need or query.

It is important to take the time to analyse your market when thinking about what incentive you are going to offer. Competing offers is also something which will need your attention so you are able to produce a product that is not only in demand, but is also going to entice your target audience.

In summary, a squeeze page needs to be clear to navigate, have a basic structure and contain a persuasive offer. 

By Lee Callender
Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:37
Catagory: Training
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