What are hard and Soft Bounces?

Just because an email bounces once doesn't mean there is a major problem, it might just be a soft bounce, we have described the difference between a soft and hard bounce below.

Soft bounces usually mean the recipient is "temporarily unavailable”. Maybe they're on annual leave or their mailbox is full or there server is undergoing maintenance, you should keep those emails and re-try them later.

Hard bounces mean an email address failed. Maybe it no longer exists, or maybe someone typed their email wrong when they subscribed to a list. But hard bounces may also be spam filter rejections. If you see an abnormally high number of bounces after a campaign, you should read your bounce back records for any messages or "clues" from spam filters.

Too many hard bounces is a sign of an old stale contact list. People change email addresses every few months. Make sure you keep in touch with your list regularly (at least once a quarter) so they can stay subscribed to your list. A bounce may not show up straight away so make sure you wait 24hours before checking your list for the bounces.

By Emily Adams
Tuesday, 10 May 2011 10:09
Catagory: Training
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