Driving home a compelling call to action

Create a sense of urgency, make time limited offers, use positive language. You might not be selling anything, but you do want a response, 'Click Now' is far more compelling than 'Click Here'. Include options for contact too - don't limit yourself to an email response: 'Call Now For Advice', 'Fax me', 'Forward to a Friend' are all calls to action.

If you have never tried e-marketing, give it a go. Gather your data and send your contacts a really interesting offer or bulletin about your business. If you have dabbled in e-marketing, ask yourself;

  • If you have followed it up?
  • Did you measure the results?
  • Did you notice an increase in customer activity or behavior?
  • Was it a good enough Offer
By Lee Callender
Friday, 15 July 2011 16:12
Catagory: Training
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