How to install your Digital Stationary

Below are the instructions on how to install digital stationary onto your PC or MAC.

Instructions for installing email template in Outlook 2003

Save the email template html file onto your local computer. Open Outlook and from the top menu go to “Tools” and then “Options”. Click on the “Mail Format” tab and then in the top section you need to change the message format. By using the drop down next to “Compose in this message format” to HTML. If the box labelled “Use Microsoft Word 2003 to edit e-mail messages” is not checked, please check it now. Then you need to click the “Signatures...” button at the bottom. Click the “New...” button and then tick the “Use this file as a template:” Click the browse button, and find the file you saved earlier. Double click the file, and then click the “next” button. You will now see in the preview of the email signature. By default the email signature will be used for all new emails, if you wish it to be included on replies and forwards then before clicking “apply” (see above) change the drop down after the line of text that says “Signature for replies and forwards:” to Untitled. This will now include the signature on all outgoing email not just new ones.

Instructions for installing email template in Outlook 2007

  1. Save the email template html file onto your local computer
  2. Open the email template html document
  3. Copy the file by pressing Ctrl & C
  4. Open Outlook and from the top menu go to “Tools” and then “Options”.
  5. Click on the “Mail Format” tab and then click the “Signatures...” button at the bottom.
  6. Click on New, give the signature a title and then click OK.
  7. In the large white box press Ctrl & V.
  8. Once you are happy with it click the Save button to save your changes.

Instructions for installing email template in Thunderbird

    1. Save the html file that we sent you into a permanent place on your local drive (if it ever moves the template will not work without reconnecting it)
    2. Open Thunderbird and select ‘TOOLS’ and ‘ACCOUNT SETTING’
    3. On the left hand side of the box that has appeared you need to click on the email address you want this template to be attached to. This could be your email address or the name you gave the email address when setting it up.
    4. The right hand side of the page will change and in the middle of the page is a box that needs ticking with ‘ATTACH THIS SIGNATURE:
    5. Tick the box and click on Choose – this will allow you to search your local drive to find the html file you saved
    6. All other settings should remain the same click on OK and you have successfully uploaded your template.

    Instructions for Installing Digital Stationary into Outlook express.

        1. Save the supplied HTML file down to location on your computer (i.e - within 'My Documents' - recommend creating a new folder to store it in titled 'Email Template').
        2. In Email Program Select 'Tools' from top menu > scroll down 'Options' > click the 'Compose' tab.
        3. Then in the 'Stationery' section checkbox 'Mail' and press the 'Select' button.
        4. Locate the HTML file you saved down to your computer ('My Documents' > 'Email Template'), select it and press 'OK'.
        5. Press 'OK' again on the main dialogue box and the template will be saved.
        6. Select 'File' > 'New' > 'Mail Message' from the main Outlook window and a new email will open with the template set in it.
        7. Insert your cursor in the dummy text and type message as normal - the message will then appear within the design as intended. Finally just send message as normal - the original text/ design will still appear in email strings/replies as they build up. Please note that when you are sending an email there may appear to be breaks (small line of white space) in the email design. This will not appear once you send the email and it then sources the images from our server. Try sending one to yourself to test it first.
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    Wednesday, 27 July 2011 16:23
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