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Wednesday, 18 December 2013 13:36

Become an Authority Figure

Often, when you see people in the street they simply look like an average, everyday individual, but put them on a podium and ask them to talk about something the know, understand and have passion for they all of a sudden have an air of authority surrounding them. In order to succeed within the field of internet marketing, you too must have this passion and understanding to project a strong credibility to your subscribers and establish yourself as an authority in your particular niche market. Consider talking about making profit through a product launch. You have to be able to let your subscribers know about your credibility before or after they have opted in to your emailing list.

Here are 3 simple ways to establish your credibility:


1. Talk about your online and offline experiences

Whether you have run a business online before or have previously been successful in sales and marketing in an offline business use this to prove you have personally accrued the skills to be successful in this field.

2. Visually prove how much money you have made

Show your subscribers’ screen-shots of how much money you’ve made online or images of cheques you have earned. If you don’t have these resources use photographs of well-known marketers you have had your picture taken with.

3. Let others sing your praises

The power of positive testimonials is absurd. Gather as many strong and flattering testimonials as possible to prove you provide good and consistent results.


With some people it takes time to earn their respect and so a few emails may be required for them to recognise your skills and capabilities. One method of building up your credibility over time is to put together an e-course or a newsletter which will then be sent to your subscribers over the course of a couple of days. The material you send will need to be educational, which will establish you as an expert on that subject matter. As long as the subscriber reads your material over a period of time, whether it be daily or weekly, you will slowly be able to earn their respect and seal of approval. 

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