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Wednesday, 12 March 2014 15:37

Your email marketing and your squeeze page

What is a squeeze page?

A squeeze page is where you will house your opt-in form and it will also act as a place for your contacts to be able to locate you, see and analyse what you are offering to them and then make the choice to either become a subscriber or not.

The main function of a squeeze page is to attract your customers and encourage them to take action such as subscribing to you list and therefore it also acts like a sales page. As your call for action is a key element in building a high performance squeeze page you must ensure that it is located in a prime location and pushes your visitors to perform the act you wish, like filling out your opt-in form. It is important that you clearly direct the visitors of your site to complete their name and their email address, and if you are using a double opt-in) asking them to verify their request to be on your contact list.

Although your squeeze page is going to act the same as a traditional sales page in the way it motivates your visitors, it is the structure of your squeeze page which will be very different. Whereas a traditional sales page is designed to provide as much information as possible about whatever product or service is being sold, with the main goal of converting a visitor into a consumer, a squeeze page is very different.

A squeeze page does not ask a visitor to decide whether or not they are going to make a purchase or attend an event etc, you are simply instructing them to join your mailing list, with the reward of a either a free product or discounted item. When you are creating your squeeze page it is important that you keep your market in the forefront of your mind, and then build the page under a particular problem, need or query.

It is important to take the time to analyse your market when thinking about what incentive you are going to offer. Competing offers is also something which will need your attention so you are able to produce a product that is not only in demand, but is also going to entice your target audience.

In summary, a squeeze page needs to be clear to navigate, have a basic structure and contain a persuasive offer. 

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Wednesday, 26 February 2014 13:44

4 Ways to Earn Your Subscribers Trust

Although there are many different methods to protect our email inboxes from being spammed, there are those who subscribe to email lists which promote products, services and sites. The majority of this is done because the subscriber wants to receive more information about what these sites offer and they expect to be kept up-to-date on their interests and what’s new in that particular field.
Businesses that have this type of consumer are extremely lucky. The main element is to earn the trust of these individuals. Once you have the trust of the consumer, you also have their loyalty.
A lot of internet users employ various tools to keep their email accounts spam-free and some internet providers and email service providers offer spam protection and some even screen your emails for you.
With an opt-in mailing list, your intended receiver will be able to view and read exactly what you have sent them, which makes it a far more successful method to transfer your information. In order to do this you have to obtain permission first from your intended recipient and in order to do this, you must also obtain their trust. The internet is know for its lack of privacy and so getting the trust of a potential subscriber you do not know is quite an achievement.


For a fast build up of your opt-in list you need to earn that trust quickly. The quicker this is done, the quicker people will hear about your site and the quicker your business will grow.


  • Obtaining your customers trust should be a simple and straightforward operation if you have an honest and legitimate business. People often rely on those they know and know what they are talking about.
  • Demonstrating to your customers that you know what you’re talking about will work wonders in getting them to trust you. Additionally, providing them with guidelines and useful tips will further emphasis that you know what you’re doing.
  • Providing guarantees for products and services you are selling will prove to your customers that you do believe in what you are selling.
  • Clearly showing an opt-out option to your mailing list will erase any worries a potential customer has about joining an opt-in list and prove that you are not trying to trap them. Also guarantee them that you will not pass on any of their information to third parties.
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014 13:43

3 Steps to Building a Profitable Opt-In List

Once you have begun building your opt-in list, it is important that you know what to do with it. Here are 3 very quick and very easy ways to achieve a profitable opt-in list:

1. Secure your customers trust in you and your products
Launching a product to your opt-in list is not going to give you ‘expert’ status and turn you into an impressive seller. Write numerous articles before you begin an opt-in list. These should be about the topic that you know and are passionate about as this will come through in your writing. Try to contribute to forums initially to help you gain knowledge about your potential customers, their wants and needs. This will then allow you to target those wants and needs. By joining forums you will be able to offer advice, guidance and recommendations. When it is starting to feel like people trust you, this is best time to begin building your list. Use the base you have collected from the forum as well as friends to start off with. You can also put a link on the forum to your site so people can see exactly what it is you are offering.
It is true that the money will begin to come in only when the customers and subscribers believe in you and trust you. People will not buy anything as a result of your recommendation if they have no trust in you.


2. Find products and services people want and need
Why it might not be your area of expertise, if you provide something that you have taken the time to research and learn about, you will be able to recommend it. It will pay off to invest your time, money and effort in research so that you are able to sell to your buyers or subscribers. Although it is always better to sell something which you are familiar with and have an interest in, not everyone is going to share these interests with you, should you chose to sell something not completely popular or exceptionally profitable. It is also wise to provide your subscribers with promotional material which they are able to use.


3. Become friends with your opt-in list users
This is the most beneficial if it is someone who has successfully launched using an opt-in list as these will be people who have the experience and knowledge that you need. While there are numerous articles on the internet at your disposal, there is nothing like speaking to someone who has first-hand experience.
An experienced opt-in list user shall be able to guide you on what to do and what not to do as they will have gone through it themselves. Although different situations occur for each email marketer, having someone to discuss the general concept with will be very useful.
It is important to remember that building your profitable opt-in list is not going to happen over night. It requires quite a lot of preparation and effort to build from scratch, but as it grows it is essential that you keep it to a high quality, organised and manageable.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 13:39

Unearth the Secrets of Opt-in Mailing Lists

More and more emails are replacing the somewhat old fashioned mails we receive from the post office. Not only is it better for the environment, it is also cheaper and extremely quicker. An email can be sent in a matter of seconds to anyone anywhere in the world.
Emails are utilised to send out all kinds of material such as newsletters and promotional mails etc, so how would you be able to collate all the email addresses to send out the marketing emails you have? The answer? By using an opt-in list.
An opt-in list is like a directory or database of all the email addresses you are able to send your emails to. Although the idea of finding email addresses seems relatively easy, this is not the case when it comes to thousands and thousands of addresses. It is also important to consider the recipients of the address you have. For example, you would not want the majority of your recipients to be male if you are selling high heels and lipstick.
A strong opt-in list must include information about the email address owner, like a profile. Below are some guidelines on how to build a detailed and strong opt-in list for effective target marketing.


Build a website
Creating your own website is far easier now than is used to be. Some of the programs now available simply require you to cut and paste the information you require, like using the regular paint program on your computer.
Numerous website hosting sites are also available, and some of these are even free. By having a site of your own you are able to ask your visitors to register their details or sign a guestbook with any feedback they have when they leave.


Think of a promotional offer or free giveaway
This technique is utilised all over the internet, however you need to make sure that your promotion or free giveaway is of something of value to the recipient. But as the saying goes you don’t get something for nothing so make sure it is clear to the reader what they must do to get their gift, whether it be subscribing to your blog, checking a box, or filling out their details in a registration form.


Write as much as you can
Some magazines on the internet allow their readers to submit small articles regarding a particular topic to their site. If you are able to do this, do so and then add a link to the piece with information about what you’re trying to promote. Some of the people who read your work may wish to get in touch so always be sure to include your email address.


Include a clear and easy opt-out option
It is a sad fact that some people who opt-in to your mailing list may one day wish to opt-out, and some people who are cautious about joining a mailing list might not at all if they see it is difficult to opt-out later one. So be sure to show them that opting-out is just as easy as opting-in.


Keep an eye in other strategies
Building an opt-in list is far easier if you find a partner to help you out. This means a split in the expenses and each party is able to share the generated list. It is most beneficial is the partner has a company which is similar to your own as you will have the same goals and interests.


Make use of offline methods
Although email marketing is a purely online technique, it would be silly to ignore offline methods of helping you build your opt-in mailing list. Why not set up a small raffle in your local supermarket and place an email address opt-in section in the raffle entry. This would enable you to gather information such as their buying patterns and preferences. Everyone who appears on an opt-in list is a sale prospect, so the more the merrier.


So, start building your opt-in list now to enable you to reach people who will hopefully one day become treasured long term customers.

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Wednesday, 05 October 2011 07:49

How to avoid the spam folder

How to avoid the spam folder

Spam filters can be a real nightmare when you are engaging in an email marketing campaign. However if you follow the 4 key tips below you should find your campaigns have a better success rate.

Overuse of graphics
It is important that you do not ram your email full of images. Ensure that the bulk of your core message is communicated to your audience in readable text.

Colours and fonts
The saying ‘less is more’ is true when it comes to avoiding spam. Stick to simple and attractive fonts, text colours and links.

Suspicious subject
Make sure your message is clear. Email filters are not fans of suspicious subject titles, especially those which include danger words such as ‘free’ and ‘special offer’ and therefore should be avoided at all costs. Exclamation marks are also something to give a wide berth.

Selecting links
Do not use links which are not necessary. Keep the number of links you use relative to the word count in your email and also guarantee that they work before sending it out. 

If you have any questions or require more information please do get in touch with one of the team here at Mail Magic on 0845 1770508 or email me personally at Lee@mail0magic.co.uk

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