‘Above and Beyond’ is unlike any of our other courses as its very interactive and moves at a slower pace than many of our other courses. This course is very hands on and you will leave with a clear email marketing plan in place and your first 3 months email marketing newsletters written.

Day 1

Session 1 - 9am - 10.30am

Session Title - Email Marketing overview

  • An overview of email marketing
  • The basic pitfalls you need to avoid
  • Email Marketing the law
  • Current Email Marketing trends

10.30 - 10.50 Break (Coffee and tea available)

10.50 - 12.30pm
Session Title - Planning your email marketing campaign

  • The basics of email marketing strategy
  • Identifying current buying patterns
  • Looking at joint ventures with email marketing
  • Refining your target audience
  • Grouping your data effectively

12.30pm Lunch Provided

13.30pm - 15.00pm

Session Title - Making the most out of your email design

  • The importance of the layout
  • The importance of getting the offer right
  • Using the right image within your email
  • Optimising your content for your audience
  • Maximising the chances of your email being delivered

16.30 - 16.45pm Break

16.45pm - 18.00

Session title - Planning your follow up

  • Capatlising on clicks and other responses
  • How to use follow up emails
  • Auto responders
  • Understanding your email metrics

7.30 evening meal

This is an ideal opportunity to ask any questions you may have in a relaxed atmosphere

Day 2

9am - 10.30am

Session Title - Strategy

  • Overview of what was covered yesterday
  • Writing your email marketing strategy

10.50 - 12.30pm

  • Write your first newsletter and sales email
  • Source images to compliment the mailers
  • Ensure supporting articles/Landing pages are in place

12.30 - 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm - 3.00pm

Review of what the groups have created and what lessons can be learnt from each of the campaigns. Writing of the second and their mail shots along with any follow up emails that need writing. For the training course everything including IT will be provided. However it would be beneficial to bring along with you copies of any images you are considering using in your eshots on either a laptop or a usb.

5pm leave for home.

Before you leave you have a work book which is complete and an agreed plan of how you are going to follow up the campaigns to achieve the results.

For day two there will be a graphic designer on hand to help you create / source images you may need for your campaigns. The course is presented by Mail Magic’s founder and email marketeer Lee Callender whose experience and knowledge has been built up through the delivery of thousands of campaigns across a wide range of industry sectors. You will be provided with a course pack containing copies of the presentation slides used and more detailed information on the topics covered.